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So.. What's a life coach?

So listen… The point of coaching (in case you’re not clear on it) is as follows.

It is likely that there is an aspect (or two, or..37?) of your life that is not as dreamy as it would be in your dreamiest dream life. You’d like to achieve the dreamiest dream. But you’re not sure how you arrived here at less-than-dreamy.

I can help you find the thing that is creating the less-than-dreamy in your life. And I can help you achieve the dream. Because once you know why you’re not living the dream yet, then you get to adjust your course as necessary. (And by “your course,” I mean your thoughts.)

Or you can choose to change nothing and nothing will continue to change. Which is actually totally great too, if you’re into comfort and ease.. while also feeling shitty about half the time.

Here’s the hard sell, though.. Even if you choose to change your life & literally live the dream? You’ll still feel negative emotions about half the time. So why go there if there isn’t any better than here?

Evolution, my friend. That’s why we move into the hard parts of life (and by hard parts, I mean difficult emotions) without hesitation because we know we can handle it now.

We’ve evolved to be afraid of literally everything outside our comfort zone. Our brains have evolved to actually make us feel like we’re going to die constantly, ON PURPOSE… in an effort to keep us safe!

We have also evolved as a species in terms of safety. It’s relatively safe to be alive these days, as compared to our ancestors who had to worry a lot more than I ever have about getting eaten by a bear or like.. getting dysentery on the Oregon Trail or whatever, right?

So it’s actually safe to feel all the negative emotions & trust that we are, in fact, not going to die just because we’ve allowed some tough emotions to be present & processed. That’s kind of our super power, friends. Let’s not waste it, k? K thanks bye!

P.S. SO glad you’re here!

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