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Greetings! I'm so glad you're here. As you've probably gathered.. I'm Jessi. 

I grew up in a middle-class family in a smallish town in central Indiana where I graduated from a private Christian college (Anderson University - soar Ravens soar!). I majored in French because a study abroad was a requirement for foreign language majors & I had always wanted to go to Paris, and Psychology because I realized my last semester there that I could change my minor to a second major and still graduate on time. I also had already decided that I’d be going to beauty school next, and figured that knowing something about human psychology couldn’t hurt since I was going to become a hairstylist.


Turns out I was right. People talk to their hairstylist about EVERYTHING! Not to mention the fact that I always expected that I would probably go back to school for graduate work in Psychology. Humans and their brains are FASCINATING to me, and I feel called/compelled to help people so I figured that whenever my body broke down after years of being a heavy hairstylist, I would then pivot into actual therapy (as opposed to hair therapy which is totally a thing - iykyk).


So during quarantine when the salon was mandated to shut down & I found myself with a LOT of extra time on my hands, I dove into learning more about what it means to be an excellent life coach. I had started to listen to a couple different podcasts (one about weight loss and one about feminism), and I found both coaches & their ideologies to be super compelling. When I realized that both of them were Life Coach School certified coaches, I started listening to the LCS podcast and I was immediately hooked.


With the help of Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School, I have effectively changed my life, and the way I relate to myself and the world around me. I’ve stopped buffering with food (okay, I’ve MOSTLY stopped - I’m a work in progress), and learned how to lean into and experience the full spectrum of human emotions. That’s where all the magic lies, my friends, and I think it’s time for the whole world to learn it.


My mission & my belief is that I was placed here on earth to show God (or the Universe, Spirit, my Higher Power.. you can call it whatever you like) love by loving other people to the best of my ability. I can think of no better way to love humans than by showing them how their thoughts (which are optional) create their lives. Literally.


And I can think of no better group of humans to help than those in the beauty industry that I love so much and have been honored to be part of for these past nearly 20 years. Hairstylists and beauty solopreneurs are my people, and I want to help them up-level their lives, their businesses, and their relationships with themselves and others by sharing the tools I’ve learned that have so changed my own life, business, and relationships.

I help successful hairstylists who want to lose weight accomplish that goal without giving up the foods they love so that they can ultimately continue working BTC for as long as they wish. 

So who's ready for some growth?? Click below to book a FREE mini session!

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